Men’s style guide to choose from different types of underwear

Men’s style guide to choose from different types of underwear

It is a big turn off when a man is walking awkwardly or is caught adjusting his underwear in public. You certainly do not want to be that man. Even in an intimate situation, it is not only the girl who needs to be wearing a nice set of undergarments; even shewantsher counterpart to be wearing a decent pair of underwear.

Underwear for men is an important part of their outfit. It decides your level of comfort throughout the day. An outfit gets its perfect fitting and comfort when teamed up with the appropriate briefs.

There are many options available for men when it comes to picking underwear for their outfit. So it must not come as a surprise that you need to know which underwear to wear beneath your outfit to complete your final look and a make statement.

  1. Low-rise briefs

Let’s begin with the most commonly worn underwear. This type of underwear is basically something that no one can go wrong with. They come in all sizes and colours and suit all men. They can be worn with any outfit and are a no-brainer. These are the go-to universal pair of underwear. They are available in brands like Jockey, Hanes, Tommy Hilfiger and Dockers. They should be worn in dark colours like brown, black and navy blues and bright colours should be avoided.

  1. Full rise briefs-

These are the most comfortable pair of underwear for men and are thus worn by married men. This pair of underwear is one which is generally not worn by teenagers as it is considered to be a fashion faux-pas. This suits all body types but should be avoided by skinny men. They are bigger than thelow rise and cover the thigh area as well. These should be worn in the classic white colour and must go with all outfits.

  1. Boxer Shorts

Boxers for men are another easy, comfortable option. They gained popularity after the 1950s.  They come in all types of patterns from solid bolds, striped, plaid to even graphic ones. Boxer shorts are the go-to option for body conscious men as they are equivalent to normal shorts. These are a must for all men. They can be worn under all garments except for fitted normal pants as that can lead to the showing of the creases below. They should be also avoided during sports and workouts as they do not provide any support or pouch.

  1. Boxer briefs-

This pair of underwear is just like aboxer but well fitted like briefs. They extend from the waist and go down all the way to cover half your thigh. These briefs provide a pouch for support and manageto not ride up your legs. This makes them perfect for workouts and exercise. They are typically best suited to athletic men. These should not be worn by men with skinny legs as they can be loosely fitted and uncomfortable. They should also be avoided by obese men as there might be fat bulging due to the fitted underwear. These briefs are for athletic men and should be preferably worn in dark and not bright colours.


So this is how these four most commonly worn underwear should be paired by you. Depending upon your body type keep all options available in your cupboard and remember these tips while putting together an outfit.

Written by Jakob Martin