Tips when shopping for men’s suits online

Tips when shopping for men’s suits online

A good business suit can be a great addition to a work wear wardrobe however shopping for one online can be tricky and you might risk making a costly mistake unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.

There are many things to consider before you purchase your ideal outwear. Form, fit and finesse are some of the things to think about and you also have to think about if you are going for a suit that is tailored especially to your measurements or one that is ready off the shelf. Before buying formal suits or men’s jacket online, do the following:

Where to start?

Start by taking your measurements. This is an important step which will avoid problems later on. Taking your measurements can be helpful, especially if you plan on shopping online where you don’t have the option of trying out and just knowing your size won’t help as different brands have different sizes and cuts.

Fit issues?

So, you have ordered your suit? Great, now to the next step- trying it on. Be realistic, if it’s your first time ordering online, it might fit you right. But that’s okay, you can have a tailor adjust any extra fabric and alter it till you get the ideal fit.

Shoulders – The shoulder is the main part of a suit and helps define the overall look. The shoulder must fit snugly and should pads should not stretch beyond the shoulders. When you button up, the suit should sit straight on your frame.

Lapels – The insides should sit evenly against your chest. Ensure the width of the lapel is the same as the width of your tie to ensure you get a balanced look. It shouldn’t be tight or too loose but just in the middle.

Sleeves – Sleeves are an important component of your suit and add to that streamlined fit. They shouldn’t droop down or be too tight across the arms. If you find that the sleeves don’t you well as they should, it’s better to get it altered by the tailor.

Chest – The jacket should sit comfortably whilst buttoned up or left open without any pulling or gaping. The important thing is that is retains its shape. It should add definition without adding any extra bulk to your frame.

Cuffs – The cuffs, just like the sleeves add a polish to the whole look. They shouldn’t be too long or too short but should fall somewhere in the middle for a clean and crisp business look.

Buttons – The suit can either single or double breasted with one or two buttons. It should stretch too much nor pull extremely tight when closed. It should be a comfortable fit.

Trousers – The fit of the trousers is a crucial component and helps to bring the whole look together. Usually they should be fitted at the waist and slim cut but not too tight that you find it difficult to breathe. The length of the trouser should just touch the top of shoe and not cover the laces so it allows for natural movement.

Written by Jakob Martin