What to Look for in A Bespoke Men’s Suit

What to Look for in A Bespoke Men’s Suit

When having a suit customised, you need to make sure that it is the proper fit, and that the suit’s colours match your own personal palette and preferences. Typically, a hand-finished, made-to-measure, canvas suit can be ready in about five weeks.

Where to Source the Material

When placing an order it is best to choose a “Made in Italy” option. That way, you can select a material that comes from one of the finest textile mills in the country. Historically, the tailoring houses in Italy are well-experienced and exhibit in-depth sartorial knowledge.

Therefore, the tailor you choose should be a business that recognises the individuality of each of its clients, and strives to help them be the best they can be. Meaning that when they take measurements, they cut a specialised pattern – especially designed for each customer. This type of care ensures that you will receive a great-fitting suit.

It’s All in the Details

You can see that kind of painstaking attention in every completed bespoke suit that is made by a professional, experienced tailor. For example, bespoke suits, such as those made by companies like Carl Nave Tailored Suits, are machine-stitched first and then hand-sewn later. The lapel is hand pick-stitched to exhibit an elegant soft roll – a look that enhances the finish of the jacket’s construction. In addition, silk pick-stitching is added around the edge of each lapel and pocket, all which provides an elegant contrast and intricate detailing.

Sourced from some of the finest textiles mills, the cloth designed for the suit you select should be made of premium materials. An example of one of these fabrics is worsted wool – material that features some of the world’s best weaves, ranging from more robust threads to the most luxurious in fibres.

The Jacket’s Interlining

As a result, the texture for your bespoke suit should be unparalleled in feel and design. The tailor you choose should also provide you with cloths that are as sturdy as the interlining of a jacket. Generally, sturdy jacket interlinings are made with horsehair canvas, a material that sits between the jacket lining and material.

The interlining is basted around the ends of the seams, permitting the jacket to sit closer to the wearer’s body. Canvases are used to avoid the need for adhesive fusing. Adhesives are normally used in cheaper bespoke options. With full canvas construction you never have to concern yourself with detached fusing.

Working Buttonholes

Representing the epitome of fashion in bespoke tailoring, functional buttonholes are difficult to find in suits that are purchased off the rack. When suits are custom made working buttonholes can be included at an affordable cost.

Remember, when wearing a tailored suit to leave the last button undone to slightly expose the cuff link as well. By contacting a business that offers custom tailoring services, you can also find out how best to wear your suit, shirt, and tie. Buying a custom suit is an investment in yourself as well as your business, or profession. It shows that you appreciate the respect of others and have a strong sense of style.

Written by Jakob Martin