7 Essential Jewelry Pieces to Wear on Wedding

Wedding is the most special day of someone life. Along with the bride, many other women and young girls are equally excited to flaunt their best attire and latest jewelry. As the day of the wedding is nearer, the thrill and excitement increases. Only a jeweler knows the excitement in the bride’s heart as the craftsmen really work hard to bring the best and latest bridal jewellery online. In this article, you will see some essential jewelry pieces that are a must for the bride and her relatives.

7 Essential Jewelry Pieces to Wear on Wedding:

  1. Tiara or Maang Tika:

Regardless of whether it is a Christian or Hindu wedding, tiara and maang tika hold significance importance in the life of bride. Hindus love to wear maang tika whereas Christians carry a tiara on their head. Tiara could also be replaced with trendy crowns.

  1. Nose ring:

Nose ring is the second most important part of bridal jewelry. A woman looks complete with that gorgeous nose ring on her bridal attire. Nose rings are usually in stone studded with gold or silver base.

  1. Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra is the most divine and auspicious jewelry for any bride. Most brides wear it till the end of their lives. It is an indication of being taken and committed to someone as per Hindu customs. Mangalsutra comes in gold, silver, diamond, stones, and even imitation.

  1. Anklets:

Although the length of the Ghaghara or saree is long, it doesn’t break the value of anklets. These are mostly crafted in silver and look gorgeous on a woman’s feet. It completes the entire appearance of a bride from top to bottom.

  1. Laac Chooda:

Lac chooda or red bangles are the sign of a bride. Most hindus love to wear it on the day of their wedding and continue to wear it for some weeks. The removal of chooda is done by calling one of the relatives of the bride’s family.

  1. Finger rings:

Engagement ring and wedding ring are another diving sign of commitment. Men find various ways to propose the love of their life with a ring in their hand. As per the rule of proposal, most men bow on one knee to submit their proposal to their girl.

  1. Kamarband:

Kamarband is also referred to as tagdi. It is common in South Indian weddings. These are made of precious coins, stones, or beads carved in gold or silver.

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Written by Jakob Martin