Consider This: Choosing the Perfect Jewelry

Consider This: Choosing the Perfect Jewelry

There are many occasions in life to celebrate and commemorate with a significant and lasting gift of jewelry. At Mitchum Jewelers, you will find an array of jewelry and watches suitable for the special moments in life such as:


People take different approaches when looking for the perfect jewelry item. Some have a particular article they are looking for like a ring, necklace, earrings or maybe a watch. Others are looking for a certain color of precious stone or a specific design element. However, others aren’t certain of the thing they are looking for, but instead have a set budget that they are willing to spend. All of these various thought processes are helpful when shopping for jewelry.

Shop together

Although this shopping suggestion may seem counterintuitive, think about including the receiver of the gift in the jewelry selection process. You and the gift recipient will experience the excitement of arriving at the store and looking through the inventory, finding the piece with just the right amount of sparkle and shine. With the help of experienced sales staff, you will gather information about the quality and care of each beautiful piece. Envision the jewelry being worn and enjoyed for years to come. As you shop together, have no doubt that your gift will be cherished, and that these moments spent together, as well as the reason for the gift, will evoke fond memories for a lifetime.


On the flipside, many people like to surprise their loved one. The recipient’s likes and dislikes, expression of style and personality, as well as opportunity to wear the jewelry must all be considered as you make the decision on which piece of jewelry to purchase. While all of those factors are the weightiest, it is also important for gift-giver to like the jewelry as well. Perfection is found when both the giver and receiver are happy.

Fast forward a bit. Whether the gift is a surprise or not, imagine the look on your loved one’s face as he or she is opening your gift. Think of the satisfaction you have in giving such a meaningful, high-quality gift. Picture this person wearing your gift and reliving this moment every time he or she puts it on.

At Mitchum Jewelers, we present a wide assortment of jewelry and watches, and we stand by our products, offering services to maintain their luster and function for a lifetime. These special moments in life require the assistance of a trustworthy and experienced jeweler such as Mitchum Jewelers at or 417.581.2415.

Written by Jakob Martin