Setting Yourself Up To Succeed: Getting Rid of Old Tattoos

Setting Yourself Up To Succeed: Getting Rid of Old Tattoos

Although tattoos are looked at differently in modern times, they used to be completely taboo. Therefore there are a lot of people out there whose mom told them “no” as a child and as a result have an ex’s name tattooed on their arm, or a grouping of letters tattooed across the knuckles proclaiming how much they don’t care if mom approves or disapproves. Fast forward ten or twenty years and these pieces of childhood “art” aren’t what you had hoped for. Maybe you need a more professional look or you just want to forget about something and leave it in the past, with laser tattoo removal, it’s now possible to move forward. There are a few things to know before going in for laser removal however. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are thinking about de-inking.

  1. Itwillhurt

Even worse than getting inked in the first place, removing a tattoo after the fact hurts like hell. The procedure uses a very powerful and concentrated laser to remove the pigment and die from your skin. Essentially, they will slowly remove pieces of your body until the ink is gone.

  1. Itwon’t be fast

Unlike getting tattooed, you can’t walk into a removal clinic, sit down, and leave with a new look. Removing tattoos takes several long sessions. Depending on the detail, colors, and depth of your ink, your technician will help you decide. It isn’t a process you can speed up, you’ll need to have a session, allow it to rest, and then go back for your next appointment. Thisprocedurewillrepeat as many times as needed!

  1. Don’t be cheap

You’ve probably expected a technology that removes permanent ink from your skin isn’t going to be cheap. Don’t make any more mistakes while removing your undesired art, and go somewhere with a good reputation. Search online for reviews from other clients and you may even find some useful coupons.

Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t beat yourself up over a stupid tattoo. Just learn from your mistakes and realize the potential consequences of your actions from here out. Luckily, tattoos can be removed, unluckily it hurts, it takes time, and it sure isn’t cheap! Maybe next time you’ll think about it a bit more before you go under the needle.

Written by Jakob Martin